Grand Forks Flood Memorial

The Grand Forks Flood Memorial: Wish you were here!

Grand Forks Flood Memorial

Hello from the Grand Forks Flood Memorial! This monument stands along the Red River which forms the border between North Dakota and Minnesota and commemorates the high water mark of several recent floods. Of particular note is the devastating flood of 1997 that resulted in the evacuation of the city of Grand Forks. These annual floods are caused by a combination of melting snow and ice blockages in the Red River, sometimes causing overflow into the surrounding areas, most recently in 2019. Today the monument is located by the river in a beautiful area known as Memorial Park. While the peaceful walking paths and inviting park benches may seem serene, the locals can tell you that this area along the riverside can sometimes be the scene of awesome natural disaster.

If you want to find the memorial, look for it at the corner of North 3rd Street and Demers just to the right of the bridge leading to East Grand Forks, MN. The monument and surrounding park are open year-round and are free to visit.



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