Prairie Postcard: Salem Sue!

Greetings from Salem Sue, the world’s largest Holstein cow!

Salem Sue

Sue stands atop School Hill overlooking the prairie and the city of New Salem in North Dakota. Built in 1974 for the local Lions club, Sue weighs a hefty 12,000lbs, is 50′ long, and is nearly 40′ tall! The best part about visiting her, however, are the vistas.

Salem Sue

The panorama views from Sue’s hilltop platform are udderly incredible, with prairie fields stretching as far as the eye can see. It is said that Sue is visible for five miles, and is one of North Dakota’s favorite giant figurines.

If you go, simply take I-94 west from Bismarck, and exit at New Salem. You’ll see Sue atop her hill just to the south of the Interstate highway.

Wish you were here!

Salem Sue is a local bit of Americana; do you have a favorite tourist stop from family road trips? Do you have a prairie postcard to share? Join the conversation below, and feel free to submit your “postcards” from the prairie by emailing!

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