Travel Tip: Cruising Lake Ozark In Style!

Lake Ozark in southern Missouri is famous for its boating, fishing, and other recreational activities, but if you want to enjoy the lake in style, there’s no better way to do so than by cruising the lake with Celebration Cruises!

I had the opportunity to experience a dinner cruise for myself on a gorgeous afternoon recently (check out my incredible accommodations at the Lodge of Four Seasons here!) and found it to be just about the best way to enjoy Lake Ozark without getting wet!

Celebration Cruises runs three ships which depart from different locations. If you book a cruise, make sure you know which one it departs from! The one I took, the Bagnell Dam Celebration II, departs from Pirate Cove at the Bagnell Dam in Osage Beach, not far from where I explored the lake by air (read all about that adventure here) in a Lake Ozark helicopter.

Boarding the Celebration Cruise ship at Pirate Cove

Boarding the Celebration Cruise in Pirate Cove, Lake Ozark

Once on board, you’ll have the choice of a very comfortable dining cabin below,

Dining cabin on the Celebration Cruise ship

or of taking in the sights from the open-air deck above.

Top deck of Celebration Cruise ship

Cruising Travel Tip: If you plan on enjoying one of the wonderful dinners offered on the Bagnell Dam Celebration Cruise, be sure to book your cruise more than 24 hours out. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to eat from the small bar on board.

Shortly after we launched, the captain welcomed anyone who was interested to come up and meet him or ask any questions. I happily obliged, and met Captain Buzz, a local who had been steering these cruises for many years.

Captain Buzz cruising Lake Ozark, Missouri

Captain Buzz told me that the cruises are supposed to be narrated, but that he prefers to allow folks to simply enjoy the ride (the sound system is rather weak anyway). We spoke briefly about the ship, and soon he offered me a chance to steer the beautiful Celebration II. I couldn’t resist!

JD cruising Lake Ozark, Missouri

The view from the deck was shielded from the sun, but was still pleasant.

View from the deck of the Celebration Cruise ship

Thanking Captain Buzz for the experience, I traveled down to the bow to take in some of the amazing lakeside scenery.

Cruising Lake Ozark, Missouri

Cruising Lake Ozark, Missouri

Cruising Lake Ozark, Missouri

Cruising Lake Ozark, Missouri

Now, there is  small bar on board which provides a number of drinks and small food items, such as chips and salsa and pork sliders. I found both of those to be well-priced and delicious while cruising the lake.

If you plan to take a Celebration Cruise, be sure to visit their website, and remember to book 24 hours out if you want dinner! The tickets for this cruise aren’t too expensive, but if you plan on being in the area for a while, they also offer season passes! Remember to head for the Bagnell Dam in Osage Beach when it’s time to board, and look for the pirate to show where the steps down to the dock are!

Pirate Cove on Lake Ozark 2

I did not receive any compensation for this blog, but if you plan on cruising in style on Lake Ozark any time soon, be sure to tell them that you read about their cruises here on Prairie, Party of One! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe for future posts, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends using one of the social buttons below!

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